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Staring into a recession, one would thinking that giving away your product or service for free might be the dumbest idea in the world. The idea that ‘Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business‘ was floated last year by Chis Anderson, author of the Long Tail, in Wired back in February last year. While many […]

I drew up a list of marketing/pr/advertising/digital marketing blogs In Ireland early last year, which I’ve since updated below. Think I even may be missing a couple so please leave a comment if there’s one you can think of. Regardless hopefully some new reading material for you for the new year. Marketing Paul Dervan Krishna […]

We’re hosting Damien Mulley’s online public relations discussion in our offices on the 21st January. If you want pop along leave a message here on the Mulley Communications website. Here’s Damien’s synopsis of the event: The format will be a PR rep will give a five minute talk about what PR is about and maybe […]

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