We’re hosting Damien Mulley’s online public relations discussion in our offices on the 21st January. If you want pop along leave a message here on the Mulley Communications website.

Here’s Damien’s synopsis of the event:

The format will be a PR rep will give a five minute talk about what PR is about and maybe give some Irish context and then we’ll have an Irish blogger share their experiences of what blogging in Ireland is about and then we’ll open the floor so anyone can pick the brains of this combined group.

The idea of this meetup (and perhaps it will become a regular thing) is for those who interact so much online can share their experiences with those people employed to try and connect with these digital natives and give them what they want. A lot of the bad experiences around PR and Marketing are to do with miscommunications between the various groups. Lets try and sort that.

Our address is below:

5th Floor

Huguenot House

37 St Stephens Green

Dublin 2

It’s beside the Shelbourne Hotel, in the same building as MacNallys Opticians opposite Bank of Ireland. Email me if you’re looking for directions.

4 Responses to “Online Public Relations Discussion – Edelman, 21st January at 6.15pm”  

  1. 1 anne dalton

    This seems to be full, but we would like to put three people down the waiting list-if there is one?

  2. 2 Eoin Kennedy

    See you later. Have not been in the Edelman office since I left in 97/8. Wonder if my name is still carved on my old desk

  3. 3 Stiofáin

    Thanks for your hospitality on the night.

  4. 4 Piaras

    Glad you could make it hope you enjoyed the evening

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