32 Responses to “Updated List Of Irish Marketing Comms Blogs”  

  1. 1 Niall Harbison

    great resource man cheers :)

  2. 2 denise cox

    hi Piaras,

    would you consider including mine Digital Marketing (email) …



  3. 3 Piaras

    Added, sorry forgot to include it first time round

  4. 4 Thomas Brunkard

    Thank you Piaras. Your link is a legitimisation of the whole project. Thank you kindly.


  5. 5 Nick McGivney

    Echo Thomas. Thanks for the resource and the listing. Can’t see too many omissions, apart from Brando (http://blog.brando.ie/) who have just added a blog. Here’s to a fatter list next year.

  6. 6 Brendan Hughes

    Great resource Piaras.

  7. 7 paul

    thanks Piaras. You’re a gent. Can I mention a new one, from a colleague and friend – Kevin Dunne. His interest is mostly on social media – http://kevindunne.blogspot.com/

  8. 8 Christian Hughes

    Hey Piaras, Digitology would be happy for an include. Great list to have available cheers :)

  9. 9 David Quinn - Bloom

    Thanks for the listing Piaras. Top resource. Nice one.

  10. 10 A to the BM

    Here’s my effort.


    Not sure if it’s worthy.

  11. 11 Piaras

    Hilarious, how did I mss this one before A to the BM :D

  12. 12 Brando

    Hi Piaras

    Thanks very much for adding us to your page.

    Some brilliant blogs already so have our work cut out for us :)

  13. 13 a tho the b m

    Thanks for the listing Piaras.

  14. 14 Kevin Dunne

    Hi Piaras, I just saw you added my blog to your list of marketing blogs. Thanks a million for this, very much appreciated.

  15. 15 James O'Sullivan

    nice list Piaras. cheers! I wrote a quick post on . how to manage online reputation. might be of interest.

  16. 16 Kat Waters

    Thanks for including my blog Piaras – your list is a great resource, and I know I may be missing a trick, but have linked to it and your blog in my new links page! Cheers Kat

  17. 17 Piaras

    Thanks Jason, just added you to the list also

  18. 18 Eoin Kennedy

    Thanks Piaras. Amazing how people you forget when asked to list them.

  19. 19 James O'Sullivan

    Thanks for the add Piaras :-)

  20. 20 Luke Abbott

    Many thanks Piaras, I was looking for such a list of Irish blogs and also plesently surprised to see my own included.

  21. 21 Piaras

    Let me know if you’re aware of any missing Luke

  22. 22 conor

    thanks piaras !

    great work as usual !

    all the best

  23. 23 Peter

    Great list, thanks!

  24. 24 Daniela

    Hello Piaras,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks a mill for the add in your useful list! Honoured!
    All the best

  25. 25 Neasa Cunniffe

    Hi Piaras, if you’re still adding links to this list, we’d love to be included.

    I actually saw this list on your blog earlier in the year and it was the absence of Media Agency blogs in Irish adland (according to your list but also from our own attempts to find any!) that finally convinced us, OMD, to get our blog off the ground. The list has also been really handy for our internal reading – great resource!

  26. 26 Simon Palmer

    Hi Piaras,

    Could you add my blog please? I’m a freelance pr consultant and my blog is http://www.republicpr.ie



  27. 27 Simon Palmer

    Thanks for adding me Piaras, very much appreciated.



  28. 28 Julie

    Hey Piaras – Would love if you could add me to the list – http://www.odonnellonline.ie.

  29. 29 David Douglas

    Hey Piaras – any chance you could add digital agency ebow (ebow.ie) to your list?



  30. 30 Piaras


  31. 31 @Paul_Healy

    Hi Piaras,

    Great list. Maybe another one to add here: http://www.digitalmarketingnerd.com – new blog on mobile and social media marketing.


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