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Events Worth Attending

Strawberry Media is hosting an open seminar with Joe Rospars, founding partner of Blue State Digital and New Media Director of the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign. The event takes place tomorrow (Wednesday 25 February) at the Camden Court Hotel, Dublin City Centre at 6pm. Joe will be discussing the lessons of the Obama campaign, how […]

Damien Mulley has organised the second Blogger/PR meetup for tomorrow evening from 6.11pm. We are hosting the event again, so please register if you would like to attend. If you need directions, just leave a comment below.

After a recent shopping experience in a Dublin book store, I couldn’t help but remember some recent commentary on the Customers Rock blog. I was looking for a particular book, but only knew the author’s name, not the title. After walking up to the till, I explained to the sales assistant what I was looking […]

We launched the Edelman Trust Barometer in Ireland this morning. Please find the presentation below and my thoughts on this year’s results beneath it. Edelman Trust Barometer 2009 Irish Results View more presentations from Piaras Kelly. There’s a different focus on the Trust Barometer this year, with less emphasis placed on emerging digital communications channels […]

Make sure to slap the next ‘PR/Marketing/Advertising/Social Media’ consultant in the face that starts harping on how social networks, blogs, etc are the solution for the public’s disillusionment with politics. Yes we all know that Barack Obama used digital media to great effect, but if you scratch beneath the surface it is obvious to see […]

Rethinking Running

Great video exploring the development of Nike+. Well worth the watch for anyone with an interest in marketing (hattip to Helge Tennø) Michael Tchao at PICNIC08: Commercial Collaborations: Tools, Things and Toys from PICNICCrossmediaweek on Vimeo.

What I hate about most organisations’ approach to social networks is that they fundamentally overlook how this medium is actually used by consumers and invariably their presence ends up as a ghost town. I’ve rabbited on for some time now that the majority of communication on social networks is similar to that of SMS on […]

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