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It’s funny, I’ve been enamoured with digital media for about five years now. However over the course of that period, my enthusiasm has been tempered by the practicalities associated with blogging, Twitter et al to the point that in the majority of cases I feel that digital should be part of an integrated communications campaign, […]

RTE’s presenters have gained a degree of notoriety of late due to the speculation about some of their hefty pay packages, despite the state broadcaster facing a massive shortfall due to the fall in advertising revenues. Most presenters eventually accepted a paycut, but at that stage the damage in terms of public perception was done. […]

I recently attended the launch of a series of videos produced by the IIEA on different aspects of EU policy. The series covers the Lisbon Treaty; Justice & Home Affairs policy; Climate Change policy; EU Enlargement policy; European Security & Defense Policy; and Business & Markets. Simple and easy to understand, I’d recommend viewing them given that in the wake of […]

Why Rote Learning Is A Dinosaur

PFSK links to a video interview with Henry Jenkins by the Guardian at SXSW 09 discussing what we can learn from gaming. The interview is viewable below, but the few sentences that stand out for me are: Most education is about the person who can learn by themselves and know everything. Most forms of collaboration […]

I saw the RTE version of Dragon’s Den for the first time last week. Obviously it’s entertainment, but I was taken aback by some of the reactions of the Dragons when Colm Stundon and Pat O’Shaughnessy came on the show to pitch their Cosy Curtain idea. I found it highly disrespectful that one of the […]

Upcoming Awards

Couple of dates for the calendar. The Coca-Cola CIPR Press & Broadcast Awards Dinner will take place on Friday 20th March at the Europa Hotel in Belfast. The awards are the only local event to recognise Northern Ireland’s journalistic talent and 20 honours will be presented on the night. Tickets for the event are now […]

I attended the Cleraun Media Forum on Monday night where Mark Hennessy, political correspondent with the Irish Times, and Peter Feeney, head of Public Affairs at RTE, gave an overview of each of their respective organsation’s reporting on the Lisbon Treaty and a general overview of how the referendum was covered. What was of primary […]

Possibly the best commercial Facebook page I’ve seen in Ireland thus far. (Well that was until Facebook went through another facelift)

The title of this post comes from an opinion piece by the inventor James Dyson in the Observer. One of the good things that will come out from the recession is that people will stop following the money and realise that we have to create and produce stuff again if we are to return to […]

More hullabaloo last week about politicians and the Internet – Emily Bell asks why her local MP isn’t on Facebook, the Irish Times is all a flutter about politicians and Twitter, and there was drama as Fianna Fail unveiled their new website which was developed with Blue State Digital. Is it just me though or […]

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