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The next Cleraun Media Forum will discuss the topic ‘Investigative journalism – some ethical issues.’ The event takes place on Thursday 30 April 2009, between 7.30 – 9.30pm in Ely University Centre, 9 Hume Street, off St Stephen’s Green. Speakers on the night include, David Kerr and Colm Kenna. Attendance is free, but please RSVP […]

Reflection On The Budget

It was interesting to watch the panelists on Questions & Answers discuss the cull of five Junior Ministers last week. While most of the panelists agreed that it’s a move in the right direction, it also showed up how out of touch most politicians are with the public. Politics is not a career, despite what […]

Upcoming Viral Marketing Events

The Science Gallery is running a new festival entitled INFECTIOUS. Some of the events will look at viral marketing and how ideas spread. The highlights include: GO VIRAL – Ze Frank and Jonah Peretti (Free event, pre-booking is essential) 17 Apr 2009 (Time: 19:00 – 20:00) On the web, creating something that “goes viral” is […]

Why Setting Goals Can Backfire

Dosh Dosh pointed me in the way of an interesting article a couple of weeks ago about why setting goals can backfire. In short, setting goals may hamper an organisation if it fails to take market trends into account and undermines its long term objectives by taking shortcuts. By and large this happens because people […]

Damian O’Broin has a really interesting presentation ‘Direct Marketing Tips for Fundraisers‘ Fundraising Ireland – 66 ways View more presentations from Damian O’broin. Sinead Cochrane has posted her research about Irish bloggers online. Check out Brendan Brady’s blog CensusPro. He’s Ireland’s first accountancy blogger and knows what he’s talking about, as I can attest given […]

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