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A Question Of Balance

An interesting story about a High Court case ahead of the recent European elections caught my attention the other week. The Evening Herald reported that Fiachra Ó’Luain, who ran for a seat in the North-West constituency in the European elections, accused RTE’s election coverage of being unbalanced as Declan Ganley received as much airtime as […]

Business cards are one of the most overlooked customer touchpoints. Think about it. You tend to give them out at networking events or after meeting someone for the first time, so they are an important factor for potential new business as they help with recall and offer an avenue for potential customers to contact you. […]

Robin Blandford recently officially launched Decisions For Heroes, a new rescue team management tool which enables users to make better decisions by being enabled to analyse information to make more informed choices. In a sector where the wrong choice could potentially be a life or death decision, there’s no surprise that Blandford’s creation is meeting […]

I attended the 3rd Annual Science, Engineering, Communications & Outreach Conference at Engineers Ireland two weeks ago. It was a very interesting event with a range of international speakers commenting on a variety of topics. The full webcast of the event is available to view on the Engineers Ireland website. There were some interesting insights […]

PR Photography Tips

Earlier this year, Adrian Weckler from the Sunday Business Post posted a guide to PR photography for companies looking to get more space in newspapers. Rather than rehash his advice, I thought I’d offer some additional tips. Costs – One of the main things that a lot of companies overlook is the usage rights of […]

PFSK reports on the Nokia Technopolis Innovation Mill (link to pdf), a fantastic initiative which has been developed in tandem by Nokia, Technopolis, one of Europe’s largest science and technology park chains, Tekes, a Finnish agency for funding technology and innovation and several Finnish cities hoping to add jobs to their economies. PFSK reports, “given […]

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