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The Real Time PR Man – Brian Solis

Robert Scoble conducted an interesting interview with PR consultant Brian Solis. Solis talks about how PR has changed since he entered the industry in 1991, particularly focussing on social media and informal influencers. It’s fifty minutes long, but if you’ve got the time to spare it’s worth a watch. One of the interesting tidbits from […]

The most popular media topic of 2009 has undoubtedly been public sector costs. Not a week passes where another debate arises over waste in the system. However, there is a real danger that the overwhelming focus has gone too far. While the public sector deserves to be held to account when money is wasted, the […]

Digital Media Awards Trailer

Just spotted this on Damien Mulley’s website. It’s a trailer for the Digital Media Awards next year, but it includes some interesting online statistics for Ireland.

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