On Friday night RTE’s news report on the adverse weather conditions in Ireland featured a clip of a young man slipping on ice. Since the broadcast the clip has gone viral online, with over half a million views for the various clips of the incident. Here is a clip of the incident.

It looks like it has quickly become the most viral Irish YouTube clip ever EDIT/ As Emmet and Quintin both point out in the comments the Groovy Dancing Girl series are far and away the most viral Irish YouTube videos. Quintin also pointed out the viral video he filmed for Lucozade – a rubik’s cube challenge. I’ve included these videos below.

Ireland’s most popular YouTube video ever – Groovy Dancing Girl.

The other Irish videos that come to mind that have garnered similar interest are the clips of John Joe from the Late, Late Toy Show and the Dublin Coastal Development hoax, both of which are included below. let me know if you know of any other Irish clips which have proven to be more popular.

John Joe on the Late, Late Toy Show

2 rubik’s cubes solved at once in under forty five seconds as part of a Lucozade campaign

Dublin Coastal Development Hoax

RTE’s video of a man slipping on ice seems to have tapped into the mood of the Irish public, which was pretty much obsessed with snow last week. So whether it was a case of people being stuck indoors and using the Internet more or the fact that the weather was top of everyone’s minds last week, the video has taken on a life of its own.
There’s the obligatory Facebook group, as well as the video remixes (one of which I even had a go at.)

Ice, Ice Baby Remix.

My version of the Keyboard Cat meme.

A better version of the Keyboard Cat meme.

11 Responses to “Ireland’s Most Viral YouTube Video?”  

  1. 1 Mark Coughlan

    Hoax development video is ice video again?

  2. 2 Piaras

    Thanks for flagging, will correct it later this afternoon

  3. 3 Quintin

    I think we have something in the middle of those figures with this campaign we ran for Lucozade Alert:



    I don’t know where that figures on the leaderboard, perhaps you could include the hits above?
    The RTE News clip is certainly getting a lot of hits.

    Groovy Dancing Girl was well up there also.

    Well done on the keyboard cat edit!


  4. 4 Emmet Ryan

    Quintin beat me to the punch. Groovy dancing girl did remarkably, and the follow ups have all done well as well.

    Here’s the figures from a quick look
    Groovy Dancing girl: 4,547,896
    Groovy Dancing girl 2: 1,340,992
    Groovy Dancing girl 3: 637,062
    Groovy Dancing girl 4: 194,047

    While there’s a clear decline in numbers over the sequels all of them still have fairly awesome numbers.

  5. 5 Piaras

    How on earth did I gorget Groovy Dancing Girl, will amend that now.

    Quintin – do you have a link to the Lucozade vid?

  6. 6 Emmet Ryan

    Don’t be too hard on yourself Piaras, you went with some quite current options that would still be fresh in people’s minds so it would be natural to forget about slightly older vids.

  7. 7 Ed

    I do quite like the man falling on the ice, although I think I preferred the Coastal Development one, think of all the trouble they went to! Now they will probably be trumped by a man falling on ice… reminds me of the Simpsons episode where “man hit in the groin with football” wins a short film festivael

  8. 8 danielspar

    Hey Piaras,

    I was one of the first to upload the falling guy on friday night and couldnt believe how popular it got in the first few days, i went to bed on sunday night and it recieved over 200,000 views in that 8 hour period alone, however on monday youtube removed it from their most viewed and most favourited sections for no apparent reason and the numbers have seriously decreased since then. I emailed youtube to ask them why they took it off the lists but have not recieved a reply. I was wondering if any of your readers have had the same problems with youtube

    I think that if it were to go back on the lists it would seriously take off again as it appeared on the homepage of most of youtube’s global sites when it was on these lists.

  9. 9 Piaras

    Bizarre, I noticed that on Monday that some videos seemed to have disappeared. If you ask me, look at the feature vids in the top right corner of the homepage, then click on videos to see the most popular videos. YouTube are actively pushing content and need that content to be popular in order to bring in advertising money. It’s almost trying to replicate the traditional TV advertising model.

  10. 10 Quintin

    Hey Piaras, yes I do have the link, it is here:


    Sorry I put up the wrong link before, I couldn’t edit it!

    The only reason I can think of why some of the ‘falling guy’ videos were removed is that if RTE are YouTube partners, they will have the option of claiming the footage, and then forcing a DMCA Takedown on their content.

    YouTube offers this to partners, here’s the blurb:

    The DMCA Takedown Notification Search page lists notifications sent, in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), to remove content from the YouTube site. The page lists DMCA takedown notifications that you have sent or received. You can send a DMCA takedown notification by claiming a video in Content Manager and setting the policy for that video as takedown on a worldwide basis.

    They have a video somewhere there that shows how it works but I can’t find it.

  11. 11 Quintin

    Thanks a million Piaras for including our top hitter in your results.

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