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Stuff That Caught My Attention #11

Here’s a few links to some interesting stuff I’ve stumbled across recently. Mashable has an excellent video which highlights the potential benefits that augmented reality can bring to ecommerce when you’re shopping for goods like clothes. Mashable also has a good post on five essential apps for your business’s Facebook fan page. On a related […]

One of the interesting aspects of Tiger Woods’ recent trials and tribulations has been the criticism of his handlers. The usual comments like ‘PR disaster’ and ‘What were they thinking’ have been thrown about. What most people forget, however, is that PR consultants give advice, but that doesn’t mean that clients have to take it. […]

Political Reform

There’s a lot of discussion about political reform at the moment after Fine Gael published their proposals. What I’ve seen thus far from the political parties and commentators misses the point somewhat. In my mind political reform boils down to one thing – increased participation by the public in politics. Here are two ways to […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I had to buy a pair of shoes in Aldo at the weekend and got a slight shock when the sales assistant handed me the shoe box. I was expecting a bag to carry them off with, but instead the shoebox had a clever piece of string to act as a handle. It’s part of […]

Some Interesting Videos

Thought I’d share a couple of interesting videos that I watched over the weekend. Spotted this video on Social Commerce on Viralblog. Companies are finally waking up to the role that our friends and peer review systems have on our purchasing habits. Next up is Nick Bilton with a talk at Poptech on the future […]

Over the festive period, like thousands of other people I ventured to the cinema to see what all the fuss was about Avatar. The five minute trailer that was released on Xbox LIVE had whetted my appetite, but having to pay two euro more for the admission price and then discovering on my arrival that […]

Observation On The iPad Oscars Ad

So the first ad for the iPad aired during the Oscars at the weekend. Did anyone else notice anything else wrong? I was discussing the iPad with a colleague a couple of weeks ago and he pointed out that the standard laptop lends itself to casual use in the living room because of its L […]

Some Websites Worth Visiting

Here’s a selection of sites I’ve stumbled across recently which might be of interest to you. Enjoy… Tom Reddy offers some nice insights into the world of Irish politics from a communications perspective. Claire Butterly, Neasa Cunniffe, Philippa Ryan, Vanessa Lenahan and John Clancy from OMD are penning The Influentials blog. Barry Hand from […]

Helge Tenno has yet another fantastic presentation on media. Have a flick through it below and make sure to subscribe to Helge’s site. Future Media View more presentations from Helge Tennø.

Subscriptions And Cash Flow

In a world where cashflow is king, it’s been interesting to watch how some companies have adopted a model akin to a subscription service in order to get their customers to buy more frequently. I read last week about a new company called Manpacks which sends its customers new underwear, socks or shirts every three […]

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