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Where’s the female Brian Cox?

The Guardian had an interesting article a couple of weeks ago about the lack of female scientific role models in the UK, despite being in the midst of a Golden Age of science on (UK) TV. One of the suggestions made for women that we should see more of on TV is Dr Aoife McLysaght, […]

I spotted this interesting talk by Aileen O’Toole, co-founder of the Sunday Business Post and MD of AMAS, about the difference between newspapers from a design perspective on the web and in traditional format. She makes some good points about how readers have a stronger emotional attachment with the print version, primarily to do with […]

Stuff That Caught My Attention #14

M-Insights, the Mindshare Dublin blog, is one of the best sources of information for anyone with an interest in Irish media. They have had some good posts recently on the latest JNLR results, the myth of viral marketing, and the reasons for radio fatigue in Ireland. Olivier Blanchard neatly sums up why social media marketing […]

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