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Edelman Trust Barometer 2011

I never got around to posting the Irish results of the 2011 Edelman Trust Barometer when we launched them two weeks ago. Once again they are an interesting read. Some of the stuff is fairly obvious in terms of Irish opinion formers’ lack of trust in the political system; reform is one of the main […]

What has struck me throughout the General Election campaign is that Fine Gael is winning voters over based on their team. The likes of Noonan, Varadkar, Reilly and Bruton have all been impressive. Putting forward a team rather than an individual has been the Fine Gael strategy, as exemplified by their manifesto launch when five […]

Michael Martin, leader of Fianna Fail, does his impression of a Chinese accent when explaining why Ireland is a innovation hub for software development. Seriously folks you can’t make this stuff up. At least he didn’t do a Father Ted on it.

Politics, The Internet & Poochie

Much has been made of the potential impact of social media on politics ever since Obama won the last US election. We are now in the midst of the Irish general election campaign and it has been interesting to watch how our aspiring politicians have used the Internet to promote their campaigns. Fine Gael has […]

The Media and Privacy: Who is entitled to privacy? What is a private matter? When is a place private? Date: Tuesday, 22 February 2011, from 1930 to 2130 Venue: Ely University Centre (, 9 Hume St, Dublin 2 (tel: 676 7420) The Cleraun Media Forum returns this month on 22 February. The topic for the […]

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