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Media Movement

Noirin Hegarty, former editor of the now defunct Sunday Tribune, has been appointed online editor of INM are likely to conduct a massive overhaul of the site and introduce some paid elements to the site in the near future. Jon Ihle, former deputy business editor of the Sunday Tribune, is now the Markets Correspondent […]

Just spotted this video by Cybercom on Irish consumer digital behaviour. Worth a look.

Painful Viewing

Vincent Browne is one of the toughest interviewers in Irish media. His interview with Seanad hopeful, Regina O’Connor, is worth a watch in terms of media skills training. I have no doubt that O’Connor is a very competent individual and I don’t mean to belittle her in posting this clip, but the interview can be […]

Irish Media on Twitter

If anyone is interested, Cian Ginty has compiled a good list of Irish media on Twitter.

We are recruiting for a Senior Account Executive for our Corporate, Financial & Technology Communications team in our Dublin office. Details can be found here.

What Brands Are Doing On Twitter?

Kevin Dunne posted a good presentation about how brands are using Twitter last week. Worth having a look at. What brands are doing on twitter View more presentations from Kevin Dunne

That Nike Video

One clip that did the rounds on YouTube last week was a leaked promo video Nike had filmed in the event that England won the 6 Nations Grand Slam in rugby. The only problem with the video was England had lost to Ireland at the weekend. Here’s the video for those that didn’t see it. […]

Super Mario Management

Couple of interesting items to share in terms of how video games could improve management and the education system. In her book, Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World, Jane McGonigal writes about how we could learn from the structure of video games to motivate staff. In […]

Here’s a short infographic video myself and Eoin Dowling, a colleague at Edelman, made to give an overview of social media usage in Ireland. It’s about three minutes long and looks at how many people use sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as what they do on them. It’s essentially a compilation of […]

I tend to meet a lot of people that are involved with new websites. By and large most of them go nowhere despite their enthusiasm. Why? A lack of original content. For every Huffington Post, there are a thousand others that gradually fade away. My advice to them? Be different. Obviously that’s a no brainer, […]

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