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Well worth checking out this trends presentation. 12 Trends from Cannes 2011 View more presentations from The Social Practice

Beyond The Press Release

One of the key strengths of social media from a public relations perspective is how quickly and diversely information can spread. Many PR consultants are still struggling to come to grips with how to make their content appealing for people to share. Sending a blogger a press release isn’t going to do the job, rich […]

The new K-Swiss ad featuring the Eastbound & Down character, Kenny Powers, is going down a storm online. It follows on from another advertising campaign which revolved around Powers last year, which was met with similar success. While it’s a great campaign, it begs the question – what next? This is the second year K-Swiss […]

Changing The Rules of the Game

Yesterday Enda Kenny, leader of the Irish Government, delivered what will go down as one of the best speeches of his generation, completly changing the nature of the relationship between the Republic of Ireland and the Vatican. Today’s Irish Times political poll also shows that he is the most popular political leader in the country […]

There’s lots of talk about Google+ at the moment, but another service they launched recently has slipped under the radar. What Do You Love ties a number of Google services and delivers the results back on one page. It’s very useful and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for content on a specific subject.

The Atlantic’s guide to the 14 biggest intellectual trends shaping America right now. Robin Sloan on how stock and flow is the master metaphor for media today. LeWhif, the new breathable chocolate. Yes you heard that correctly, the taste of chocolate without the calories. John Naughton on why we need business models to support real […]

Viral is probably the most misused word in marketing circles today. I was once asked in a lecture for some tips on how to create a viral video, I simply replied to put some kittens in it, which led to some confused faces. Consultants from a variety of backgrounds proclaim to clients that they will […]

The Iron Lady

The first trailer for Margaret Thatcher’s upcoming biopic has hit the Internet. With Meryl Streep leading the cast, there’s no doubt that it will have politicos across the globe glued to the screen when it’s released. Have a look for yourselves below.

Good presentation from MCCP on the Irish consumer mindset and what trends are emerging from the last quarter. They’re also blogging here and are worth following. Lighthouse slideshow Q2 View more presentations from MCCPTrendstream

The Economist has a great special report on the news industry in their current edition. Here’s links to some of the articles and a video interview with Nic Newman, former head of future media at the BBC, on news and social media. Making news pay – Reinventing the newspaper Social Media: The people formerly known […]

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