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Gamification is one of the big buzzwords out there at the moment. It is essentially the discipline of using video game mechanics to incentivise your audience and encourage them to follow specific behaviour. From the outset, I’ll flag my support for the concept and I am currently putting it into practice through the Fitocracy beta. […]

2011 – The Year Beyond Words

2011 has, as the Guardian puts it, been the year of media overload. With so many major news stories breaking within a short space of each other, it has been difficult at times to comprehend. Here’s a great video which tries to show how it felt to live through 2011. Although one wonders whether it […]

Adidas had a brilliant launch for the new Scotland football shirt in early November. The sportswear manufacturer made use of a giant television screen and augmented reality in the Buchanan Galleries shopping centre in Glasgow. By standing in front of the screen, shoppers would see and could interact with members of the team on the […]

Letting The Product Tell The Story

A lot of promotional activity for a product tries to make it appeal to consumers by associating it with a celebrity, trying to illustrate how it can fulfill a desire or need or by associating it with cultural values which will appeal to the target demographic. There is nothing better than stripping back all the […]

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