Lean Back 2.0

I spotted this excellent presentation by The Economist on Twitter earlier today and thought it would be worth sharing. The full presentation is embedded further beneath.

I found two aspects of the presentation particularly interesting.

1. There is a noticeable increase in media consumption by tablet users compared to traditional print readers. A GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired and Glamour reader survey showed consumers using an iPhone or iPad spent 160 minutes per month reading their publications, compared to 45 minutes for those reading the print version. As one commenter points out, it’s a “great example of how the innovation that threatened to make us dumber is now reviving pastimes of old…. READING.”

2. While there is lots of commentary about the dumbing down of media, the Economist points out a new demographic – the Mass Intellect – and points out some numbers to prove their point. For example, there are over 28 million HBO subscribers; Amazon Kindle users buy 3.3 times as many books after purchasing a Kindle; and a quarter of tablet user have paid for news on their tablet compared to 5% of browser users.

2 Responses to “Lean Back 2.0”  

  1. 1 Martin

    I hope publishers of ordinary websites can learn from these stats. What makes consuming media pleasant on iPads and Kindles is that the reader isn’t assaulted with the intrusions that characterise most large publisher’s websites: more ads than content, articles broken into “pages” or slideshows, link-bait headlines and screen-hogging Flash animations.

    There’s no technical reason stopping publishers from creating an equally enjoyable reading experience on traditional websites as on tablets. The real difference is that on these unwelcoming websites, the customer is the advertiser, while on tablets the customer is the reader.

    Making the reader the customer on traditional websites could be an equally successful strategy as it has been on tablets, and in a much bigger market to boot.

  2. 2 Denis Campbell (@ukprogressive)

    Nicely done.

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