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PressPausePlay is a documentary which questions whether the digital revolution has led to better art or whether talent is being stifled. It’s embedded below and is worth a watch.

More Mobile Stats

Amarach Research are after publishing an infographic video on Ireland’s smartphone and tablet ownership and behaviors. The video is the first part in a three part installment. I’ll add the other videos to this post in due course. Part One Part Two I also came across a great mobile resource from Google last week, Our […]

The Problem With Mobile

One of the biggest criticisms of Facebook is its mobile strategy, “with more than half of its 845 million monthly active users accessed the social network through mobile apps or its mobile website, both of which sport no ads”. Ben Parr points out that Facebook recognize this themselves, even referencing it in its IPO filing, […]

Nice infographic which highlights the fact that regular consumers are never quite as excited about social media as PR/Advertising/Marketing execs. Source: via Piaras on Pinterest

I presented at Microsoft’s Partnering For Success event for NGOs yesterday and have uploaded my slides for those in attendance below. I’ll expand on my thoughts over the coming days and if there are any specific requests please leave a comment and I’ll address it over the weekend. Microsoft Partnering for Success NGO Presentation View […]

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