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Amarach Research are after publishing an infographic video on Ireland’s smartphone and tablet ownership and behaviors. The video is the first part in a three part installment. I’ll add the other videos to this post in due course.

Part One

Part Two

I also came across a great mobile resource from Google last week, Our Mobile Planet, which has a lot of global stats available about smartphones.

Here are the key Irish highlights:

  • Irish smartphone penetration stands at 43%, with 75% of Irish smartphone users are on their first handset.
  • The average number of apps Irish smartphone users have on their phone is 29, but they’ve only used 11 in the last 30 days.
  • The majority of Irish smartphone users have owned their handset between 1-2 years.
  • 60% of Irish smartphone users will visit a social network & 34% will visit a video sharing site via their device on a daily basis.
  • 8% of Irish smartphone owners search online via their device in response to a magazine ad on a daily basis, 5% in response to a poster ad and 7% in response to a TV ad.

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