Nice infographic which highlights the fact that regular consumers are never quite as excited about social media as PR/Advertising/Marketing execs.

Source: via Piaras on Pinterest

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  1. 1 Lucy Saunders

    its not surprising that media folk are more obsessed with social media than other people, they are much more conscious of it because its part of their working life. talking to a director of a PR agency last week, she said that there is a tremendous emphasis now in PR on content creation to feed social media, much less on ringing up journalists and selling stories in. she rather regretted that. her junior team start the day by working out what the tweets of the day are for their clients. you can measure social media, the number of tweets, posts etc, and track responses, so it probably feels safer and more in control than conventional media relations. its always been that mystical immeasurable bit of PR that makes people wary about buying it – yet to me, that is the piece of genuine communication and is the most valuable.

    would appreciate knowing a bit more about the source of this info – maybe Heat is a different magazine in Ireland than the UK?

    BTW to introduce myself, i’ve done 20 years in PR, ran my own agency with a strong media focus, now setting up a business to provide coaching and training for people who want to get into PR, and i have certainly had to integrate a lot of social media activity as part of the course. i’ll be back in touch when the website proper is up and running in a couple of weeks.

  2. 2 Piaras

    They’re a marketing agency based in San Francisco as opposed to Heat Magazine.

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