Stuff That Caught My Attention #20

Oscar Mayer launched a great campaign recently after challenging a man to travel across America using their bacon as currency. Here’s the campaign video below.

Powerful advert from Finland about how children view drunk adults in order to encourage responsible adult drinking.

Grey Poupon, the mustard brand, has launched the most exclusive page on Facebook by becoming the first company to reject fans from its Facebook page. It’s a clever stunt to highlight that its customers have extremely good taste and only others with refined tastes can also become a fan.

In order to help promote the launch of the third season of Boardwalk Empire, HBO partnered with Uber, the on-deman car service, to offer free rides in vintage vehicles in New York City last week.

In order to generate publicity, a French dating agency recently opened a pop-up store which had male models in doll-like boxes similar to Ken dolls.

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