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Buried in the middle of RTE’s announcement about the changes in their Current Affairs team was the note that RTE is to create the role of Science and Technology correspondent. It is a long time coming and another sign that RTE is starting to take its commitment to science broadcasting seriously. Prior to this, RTE […]

Stuff That Caught My Attention #21

NoHomophobes is a website that is designed as a social mirror to show the prevalence of casual homophobia in society. It is a very simple and effective means to highlight how offensive words are used very casually. Here’s a video case study of Paddy Power’s recent publicity stunt at the Ryder Cup, which consisted of […]

Emmett Coffey shared a Forbes article recently entitled “Can Twitter Displace the News Release?” It’s an interesting thought and the article includes some good examples, but I’m going to simply say no. For starters, I still remember people harping on about how blogs were going to replace press releases seven years ago. Fast forward and […]

I gave a presentation to charities about social media a couple of weeks ago and one of the things I stressed was that they should actively follow organisations they thought were creative. The simple reason for this is that they could learn from them and at times simply copy them. Good ideas get ripped off […]

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