Emmett Coffey shared a Forbes article recently entitled “Can Twitter Displace the News Release?

It’s an interesting thought and the article includes some good examples, but I’m going to simply say no. For starters, I still remember people harping on about how blogs were going to replace press releases seven years ago. Fast forward and we’re just swapping around some names.

The press release despite all its faults is still an effective tool. I use them everyday, my clients get coverage, they are discussed on social media and life goes on. The problem is that there is so much information out there that it’s getting harder to be heard.

That’s where Twitter fits in. It is a platform, it is not content. Regardless of whether you are publishing a tweet or a press release, if what you have to say is not interesting, then no-one will listen to you.

Once you have information that is newsworthy then you can tailor it for different audiences and channels. A press release for journalists, an infographic for bloggers, etc.

Yes Twitter is a fantastic communications channel. A replacement for the press release though? I don’t think so.

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