Stuff That Caught My Attention #21

NoHomophobes is a website that is designed as a social mirror to show the prevalence of casual homophobia in society. It is a very simple and effective means to highlight how offensive words are used very casually.

Here’s a video case study of Paddy Power’s recent publicity stunt at the Ryder Cup, which consisted of a ‘sky tweet’ campaign in support of Team Europe. A selection of tweets submitted by fans were ‘sky-written’ by stunt pilots flying at 10,000ft in the first campaign of its kind.

Here’s a rather gruesome pop-up shop to promote the latest release in the Resident Evil zombie video game franchise. It is a bit gorey, so if you are squeamish don’t follow the link. Wesker & Son, a fictional butcher with a penchant for human flesh, invited members of the public to sample an array of edible (fake) human limbs.

The NotFound Project aims to sign up organisations in a bid to use their website’s “404 — Not Found” pages to display missing child alerts from a constantly updated database (via The Daily What.)

To mark Audrey Harrison’s ill fated return to professional boxing, Betfair took advantage Harrison’s unpopularity to offer boxing fans the chance to watch a wall of pain dry on Facebook instead.

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