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The ASAI has announced that it has extended its current digital remit to include marketing communications on advertisers’ profile pages and other non-paid-for space online, under advertisers’ control. The extension of remit will be effective from 2nd January 2013. However there will be a three month grace period when the ASAI will investigate complaints but […]

There has been a lot of talk about recent changes to Facebook fan pages, whereby the reach (and therefor engagement levels) of pages has declined (less fans see content posted by the page). As a popular Irish music/comedy act points out in the tweet below, numerous people who have devoted a lot of time and […]

Followup From The Cleraun Conference

I wasn’t able to attend the Cleraun Media Conference last month unfortunately, but some of the content is available online. Some of the conference papers are available from the website and the audio of the discussion on the ethics of consent is on Soundcloud. Michael Kirke also has a good recap of the conference.

The recent MRBI opinion poll for the Irish Times raised some eyebrows a month ago as it showed that Fianna Fail is currently the second most popular political party in Ireland. Given the public’s contempt with the party for presiding over the boom and bust of the Celtic Tiger era, some people were taken aback […]

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