1. Peaky Blinders – Boardwalk Empire is one of HBO’s most successful shows and the BBC looks set to recreate the formula with a gangster drama set in post World War One Britain. It features an all star cast including Cillian Murphy (Inception, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, 28 Days Later) and Sam Neill (The Tudors, The Piano) and comes from Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight. Murphy plays the leader of the ‘Peaky Blinders’, a ruthless gang whose nickname comes for their practice of sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps. It looks set to be one of the TV events of 2013.

Peaky Blinders

2. James Rodriguez – While the transfer window has just closed, one name that will be the subject of a lot of transfer speculation in the summer is James Rodriguez, who currently plies his trade with Porto. There are already plenty of rumours about the ‘new Ronaldo’, with Manchester United and Real Madrid apparently waiting in the wings. Here’s a snapshot of his skills.

3. Lil Debbie – Lil Debbie is like a mix between Lady Gaga and Eminem. If she reminds you of Kreayshawn, you would be right. Lil Debbie used to be part of her White Girl Mob, before falling out with her former bandmates. While Kreayshawn’s album flopped in 2012, Lil Debbie regrouped and teamed up with RiFF RaFF, scoring viral success with a number of videos on YouTube. If YouTube views of videos for songs like ‘Michelle Obama’ below translate into record sales, then Lil Debbie will have a successful year.

4. DeNA and GREE - Zynga and PopCap changed the gaming world as they brought the era of social gaming to the fore. They are set to be eclipsed by DeNA and GREE, two Japanese firms who are having more success than their more famous rivals Nintendo and SEGA. The Economist wrote a fascinating feature on them last year highlighting the social of their fremium games. Just to underline how huge these companies already are, the Economist points out that DeNA made an operating profit of ¥20.4 billion in the quarter that ended on September 30th. That is more in three months than Nintendo hopes to make for 2012.


5. Dave Chappelle/Chris Rock Touring Together? - Rumours abound that Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle will tour together in 2013 akin to Jay Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne tour in 2013. if it happens, it can neatly be summed up in one word – epic! Dave Chappelle has largely disappeared from public view after abandoning his TV series midway through the third season. He has recently reappeared in comedy clubs, practicing new material and now there is speculation that he may tour again this year with Chris Rock. Here’s a clip from Chris Rock’s Bigger and Blacker tour, make sure to have the headphones plugged in if you’re at work.

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