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Just thought I’d share some examples of corporates using social media in recent weeks. Elon Musk recent used Tesla’s blog to counter a narrative that seemed to be gaining consensus in the mainstream media that the Tesla Model S, the firm’s flagship model, posed a greater fire risk than traditional vehicles. Musk took to the […]

Making Paywalls Pay

BusinessWeek has dubbed 2014 the year of the paywall. In Ireland, it is certainly going to be a topic up for debate. Both the Irish Times and Irish Independent have discussed launching paywalls, but it seems like a bit of a Mexican standoff as Irish media outlets try to figure out how to charge for […]

How Much Are You Investing In Content?

It perplexes me when I see organisations invest in websites and then rarely update them. Their social media strategy seems to revolve entirely around sharing links, images or videos that they’ve found elsewhere. This is completely ridiculous. It’s the equivalent of buying a house, but not actually purchasing any furniture, sticking pictures of chairs and […]

Were you ever about to give a presentation or be interviewed, but found yourself a little flustered due to nerves. Sometimes we find ourselves quite anxious because of an elevated heartbeat. Here’s a simple tip for how to calm down. Take a note from professional athletes and focus on your breathing. Make sure to only […]

The Future of Interactive Displays

The video below is simply jaw dropping. inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display from the the minds at MIT that allows the user to interact with 3D content. For example, the user can move objects on a table remotely. The potential of the technology is huge, particularly when you think about the amount of people […]

Media Movement in Ireland

Emmet Ryan is the new technology correspondent with the Sunday Business Post after Dick O’Brien’s departure. Tom Lyons and Fiach Kelly are joining the Irish Times as senior business correspondent and senior political correspondent from the Sunday Independent and Irish Independent. INM has made a series of appointments also with Tom Molloy, Fionnan Sheehan and […]

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