Stuff That Caught My Attention #25

A couple of PR stunts that caught my attention before the end of the year.  Obviously enough they are mostly Christmas related.

The UK video game retailer GAME was quite busy trying to stay top of mind with consumers.  The stunt which grabbed most publicity was their Christmas dinner in a can.  Their tongue in cheek product aimed to cater for gamers who were too hooked on Christmas presents to tear themselves away for their dinner.  The all-in-one Christmas dinner consisted of nine layers including turkey and potatoes, scrambled eggs and bacon, and mince pie.  Not particularly appealing, but it generated wall-to-wall coverage.

GAME followed that up by hiring a nine year old as a Non Executive Director of GAME Junior to “give clueless parents advice on what games to get their children this Christmas.”

PUMA’s personalised boots to announce their sponsorship of Mario Balotelli was inspired.

A number of UK shopping malls brought in lie detectors to see if the children that came to visit Santa really had been naughty or nice.

Hats off to Waterstones who turned around this riposte to Amazon’s drone delivery announcement, which was made the night before.

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