Topical ad from Toyota in the wake of the Jay-Z/Solange controversy.

This anti-racism campaign is inspired. In order to highlight the prevalence of racism in Spanish football, two Barcelona players had planned to eat the next piece of fruit thrown at them during a match. Dani Alves kicked off the campaign in the clip below, which was followed up by a series of posts by numerous players and fans. You can read more about the campaign here.

Paddy Power has been all over David Moyes’ reign as manager of Manchester United, eventually culminating in his dismissal. Their two best stunts involved having a grim reaper in the crowd at the Everton game that proved to be his eventual undoing and erecting a statue of David Moyes outside Anfield.

With the World Cup around the corner, Paddy Power has moved on from David Moyes to try and solve the mystery of how England can win the World Cup. Paddy Power commissioned Stephen Hawking to analyse the key factors which have affected England’s World Cup performances in their 45 finals games since 1966. The resulting scientific model was then used to help predict the probability of England winning key matches in Brazil this summer. Although it’s similar in nature to a Ladbrokes stunt from a few years ago, it garnered wall-to-wall coverage.

Paddy Power’s most inspired stunt, however, has been tricking the public to believe that they had cut down tries in the rain forest to carve out a message of support for the English football team. has the full back story.

Although Nigel Farage led UKIP to some success in the recent European and local elections, he came under some media scrutiny, particularly around employing his German wife as his private secretary. Xpat jobs, a recruitment site, put up an ad for the job, which led to hundreds of applications and some column inches for the company.

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