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Helge Tennø tagged me as part of Mitch Joels’ Challenge to write about your Social Media Marketing Best Practice. Mine is simple – Participate. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said “The notion of looking on at life has always been hateful to me. What am I if I am not a participant? In order to […]

Every September for the last two years I have read about a story which illustrates the dangers of search in terms of a research tool for journalists and how search results influence the public’s perceptions about an organisation. 2008 is no different. The Guardian recently reported about how “shares in a US airline fell sharply […]

Here’s an observation I want to throw out there. Myself and my peers are increasingly getting invites to events through our Facebook page from two Irish PR agencies. Creating an event page for an event that you’re running is a no brainer if it’s a free for all and to be honest more organisations should […]

YouTube have launched a new metrics tool to help people track the success of their videos on the website. One key metric that a lot of people seem to overlook is the links section on any YouTube video. Lots of views doesn’t necessarily mean popularity, in fact it could mean notoriety. Not to name names, […]

Brands on Facebook

Damian O’Broin had a short post recently about how non-profits are using Facebook. I decided to have a wander around Facebook to pick out some good examples of how brands are using Facebook to develop and engage communities. I say engage because right now in terms of metrics and social networks I hear marketeers talking […]

Thoughts from Hamburg

I spent a couple of days this week in Hamburg at a European Edelman Digital meetup, getting to hear about interesting campaigns my colleagues are running in different parts of the world and sharing insights. It got me thinking a bit and here’s what’s popped out of my head in no particular order: Differences between […]

I picked up the latest version of Pro Evolution Soccer this Christmas. It is a high successful soccer franchise in the video game market that has developed a cult following over the years. It’s been a while since I’ve actually played a game in the series, so I was interested to note some of the […]


The Irish Examiner/Breaking have begun to incorporate video into their news reports. So far I am only aware of video being included in their sports coverage. In their report on the announcement of the Opel Gaelic Players Team of the Year for Hurling, Paul Collins of Today FM and Ballywire Media, interviews Donal O’Grady […]

Tourism Ireland eSymposium

I will be speaking today at the Tourism Ireland eSymposium conference. I will be presenting at the User Generated Content Workshop with David Shiell from WebLiquid. Please find my presentation below. I will also record a podcast to accompany it at some stage this weekend hopefully, marking the return of my long paused podcast seriesTen […]

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