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Boogie on down with Diesel

The viral effort below by Diesel is one of the best efforts I’ve seen. Classic mashup – retro TV and dance music spliced together. Cunning way to launch your new range of trainers. Technorati Tags: Diesel, Piaras Kelly, PR, Public Relations

Nick Carr points out that due to some SEO on the New York Times websites, old articles are starting to appear higher in Google with unintended consequences. Carr pulls out a quote by NYT editor, Clark Hoyt, “Long-buried information about people that is wrong, outdated or incomplete is getting unwelcome new life. People are coming [...]

I was sorry to read that Funda Ireland shut its doors after only six months in operation. The property website was promoted through an excellent viral marketing campaign when it launched. Here’s the YouTube video which garnered a lot of online and media attention: While the demise of the website can be put down to [...]

Why Viacom is dumb

This post originally started out explaining why YouTube should be used to help promote TV shows, but in the space of day Viacom have decided to pull down the clip I wanted to use as an example. I wanted to reference a clip from this year’s MTV Movie Awards where the event’s host Sarah Silverman [...]

My brother told me about another great ad that’s on TV at the moment – Snickers’ ‘Get Some Nuts’ featuring Mr. T. The really interesting thing about it was that I missed the ad, but when my brother told me about it I was compelled to find it on YouTube. Alex Gibson left a comment [...]

It’s hard being popular

It seems like every day a new social network is born. Now thanks to Ning, you can create your own network for your friends or people with common interests to connect. Ning has been getting a hype on the Internet of late, but as Stephen Davies points out, it is only one of countless other [...]

Another book I read over the festive period was “The Perfect Store – Inside eBay“. I think there’s a lot to be learned from successful web organisations, none more so than eBay. A lot of Internet companies in recent years can put most of their success down to developing communities. By developing close bonds with [...]

For all the talk of youth audiences fleeing traditional media, the Gartner Research Blog points out some interesting findings. MySpace‘s demographic composition is dramatically changing with teen traffic dropping from 25% to 12%. On the other hand, Bebo‘s teen composition has jumped from 14% to 34.5%. I think the key thing to remember here is [...]

New products coming to life on YouTube

When it comes to new products, YouTube is powerful for two reasons. 1. From a trendwatcher’s perspective it proves quite useful to gauge the popularity of the latest gizmo. Just search for Wii and look at the reaction to Nintendo’s latest console. Here’s one of my personal favs from the site. There’s numerous videos like [...]

Oxfam’s Christmas virals

Oxfam have produced a couple of great YouTube videos for Christmas, one in Ireland and another in the UK. I’ve linked to both videos below. Both reflect the tremendous value of the Internet. Other than the production costs and time spent emailing bloggers &popular websites, there are no advertising costs. The Irish video underlines this [...]

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