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Netflix Company Values

Excellent presentation by Reed Hastings on Netflix’s company values. Culture View more presentations from Reed Hastings

Flipping The Tables

It’s not uncommon to hear complaints from companies after a prerecorded television interview airs. A company representative might be interviewed for up to an hour, but ultimately a couple of minutes airs and the rest of the footage ends up on the cutting room floor. The ensuing accusation goes along the lines that footage that […]

2011 – The Year Beyond Words

2011 has, as the Guardian puts it, been the year of media overload. With so many major news stories breaking within a short space of each other, it has been difficult at times to comprehend. Here’s a great video which tries to show how it felt to live through 2011. Although one wonders whether it […]

How We Treat People Differently

Very clever video which illustrates how we treat some people differently. Without giving anything else away, have a look at the video below.

Changing The Rules of the Game

Yesterday Enda Kenny, leader of the Irish Government, delivered what will go down as one of the best speeches of his generation, completly changing the nature of the relationship between the Republic of Ireland and the Vatican. Today’s Irish Times political poll also shows that he is the most popular political leader in the country […]

Viral is probably the most misused word in marketing circles today. I was once asked in a lecture for some tips on how to create a viral video, I simply replied to put some kittens in it, which led to some confused faces. Consultants from a variety of backgrounds proclaim to clients that they will […]

I tend to meet a lot of people that are involved with new websites. By and large most of them go nowhere despite their enthusiasm. Why? A lack of original content. For every Huffington Post, there are a thousand others that gradually fade away. My advice to them? Be different. Obviously that’s a no brainer, […]

Negotiation Tips Beijing Style

I was just on a week’s holidays in Beijing. Anyone who has visited the city will have experienced the markets, which bring new meaning to haggling. Essentially sales people on the various stalls will start with an opening price of up to ten times what they hope to sell an item for and negotiate for […]

I have been pouring over statistics associated with Barack Obama’s US presidential campaign. The most comprehensive breakdown I have seen was compiled by Pete Quily. A wave of excitement has broken out across the Internet and short-sighted analysis seems to imply that Obama won the election because he had a larger and more consistent use […]

I noted a post by Damien Mulley the other week asking whether Google is losing its innovative power. There’s been some grumbling about the Internet giant of late. In fairness to Google, the world has never witnessed a faster ascent to the top of the corporate ladder, let alone the same rate of innovation. As […]

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