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For all the talk of what is vital in PR professional’s arsenal these days, I can’t help but remember one of the first pieces of advice I received from a colleague – “Get yourself an address book.” Given the large amount of telephone numbers and contact details you start to amass working in PR, it’s […]

2 invites to CoComment

I have two codes for the beta of CoComment if anyone wants them. Leave a comment below if you want one. First come, first served. Technorati Tags: CoComment

Corporate branding seems to be becoming a big issue for PR consultancies in Ireland at the moment. I guess that it portrays a better brand image, as well as looking professional and having put in the effort. I’ve seen branded memory keys, CDs and DVDs designed for pitches and props created to add an extra […]

New Irish blogs to look out for

Here are some new irish blogs that are worth looking out for. They are a clear indication that more quality content sites are beginning to emerge from ireland. YourTechStuff (or is it TechWire?): Despite the mismatching title and website address, YourTechStuff is the latest blog from Sunday Business Post journalist, Adrian Weckler. The site is […]

The Dap Hand is a free weekly radio prep sheet to help presenters prepare for their programme. It’s got everything from daily listings of birthdays to all the gossip about this week’s Must See TV. Not only is it a handy way to keep up with what’s happening in modern Ireland, but I’ve also found […]

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