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The Irish PR industry have been slow to adopt instant messaging. To be honest, I’ve only recently discovered its benefits for media relations. I would have thought that it could prove to be a distraction, but in fact it’s really efficient in terms of liaising with the press. For example, one of my clients dropped […]

Practical Advice

Blake Barbera offers some good practical advice over at Wet Feet PR. The long and short of it is to always check your email recipients before hitting send. Modern technology makes life a lot easier, but it also makes it more likely for you to make a mistake. Did you know that there’s been a […]

Ever been on the phone to a client or journalist and suddenly have to call up a file? Rather than tediously open a couple of folders, Mac users are in the envious position of simply hitting the Spotlight icon and typing in the file name, only to retrieve it in a matter of seconds. There’s […]

While contacts reports may be a right pain in the butt, anyone who doesn’t do one up after a meeting is an idiot. Unfortunately if you are presenting as part of a meeting, it can be quite difficult to record any interaction during that period. I’m never far from my iPod and now here’s another […]

Backpack offers a handy solution for anybody looking for a cheap Extranet for their clients. You can gather all your resources on the site and collaborate with clients or suppliers on various projects that you are undertaking. It even sends email or SMS reminders to keep you on track – two thumbs up from me! […]

There are so many devices and bits of software out there that make a PR professional’s life that bit easier. I haven’t been particularly drawn to a phone before, but there’s one big reason why I’ll stick with Sony Ericsson for the foreseeable future – Sailing Clicker. If you have a bluetooth enabled Mac and […]

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